viernes, 9 de mayo de 2014


The second Sunday of May in many countries the Mother's Day is celebrated , x this reason I want to extend a big welcome to all moms . actually like many other celebrations ought not remembered only in certain specified dates in advance but + rather respect them, halagarlas , remember if you do not already have with us every day we have q chance.
there are a thousand different ways to show how much we want q , q 's value and achieve q them feel it , know it.
going for me many warm hugs to all mothers , kisses, cuddles and all acts q q let them know I love them, q the appreciation, respect , appreciate and consider all q x x haen their children ' s .
the love you all my amix q are mothers , my amix men greet the q q have them, their wives , their daughters q are mothers to all women in general q are parents of their children ' s .
bsts mas ! enMexico .. but here is the 10th of May, on this occasion falls on sabadito cheerful , so moms receive from me a warm hug . and many many congratulations ...

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